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Virtual Landscapes is a virtual manifestation which investigates the topics of video game environments as art, virtual world building, and virtual embodiment. The project's intention was to create a seamless virtual reality experience for new and experienced explorers of the virtual. My appreciation for 3D environment design and video game nostalgia guided the development for the whimsical fantasy visuals which invites the viewer to immerse into a new reality.

Virtual Landscapes utilize Unity 3D game engine alongside the HTC Vive Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display to transport one's agency into Virtual Landscapes.The development process of Virtual Landscapes combined both conscious and subconscious choices where. This development dance of systematic and chaotic in turn created a mediatative like experience as I positioned and embedded each individual game object, tree, rock, pebble, particle system, and line of code. The virtual space encourages multiple encounters as time passes by with an encoded interactables and day and night cycle. This altered passage of time creates an unique temporal experience where viewers lose track of time within the world, fully detached from reality.