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Datascapes is a 3-channel projection installation which takes viewers on a virtual journey through a series of surreal formations of landscapes. Viewers float through and around the starry “particle” landscapes that slowly begin to encroach into the gallery space. The installation, inspired by experiences with nature, encourages viewers to immerse themselves through the projected virtual environment with the goal to reignite our connection with nature beyond our corporeal limits.

Locations Depicted in order top to bottom: Forest Nisene Marks, Shark Fin Cove, Fern Grotto

Datascapes' projection presentation lessens the requirement of user-interface through interaction and instead allows the viewers to accompany the space with their bodies to engage and immerse themselves within the visuals and sound components of the work. In doing so, viewers are able to focus on the importance of the natural ambience of the installation while also getting lost in time. Datascapes is the accumulation of my personal journey of reemergence back into the real world as a person and artist. Datascapes create a bridge, a virtual portal, between nature and the gallery space, and through technology we can create new ways of experience and connection with our world.

Special thanks to my family, Thesis Committee, and Department for outstanding support through my thesis development. Audio elements of the installed work produced through direct collaboration with Akemi Sato, a previous DMA graduate from SJSU. The concept and final visuals were produced by me.